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Year-round destination Lemonsjøen

At Lemonsjøen you are surrounded by nature and stay in high-standard apartments or cabins with an attractive and varied range of leisure activities all year round. Lemonsjøen Mountain Park is situated 3000 feet above sea level at the foot of Jotunheimen National Park. With ski centre and cross-country routes in the winter and Jotunheimen with its unique landscape and famous mountains such as Besseggen, Glittertinden and Galdhøpiggen in the summer, Lemonsjøen is the perfect year-round destination and the right starting point for your next holiday.

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”Jøtunheimen” is the name given to these mountains in 1862 by Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, inspired by the wild landscape and by Norse mythology. Jotnene – the trolls – have their home here. The name Jøtunheimen was later changed to Jotunheimen, the name we still use for this dramatic area which contains the highest mountains in Northern Europe.

High peaks and large lakes...

Jotunheimen, on the boundary between the counties of Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane, is a largely virgin mountain area dominated by majestic peaks and glaciers. The hard, resilient, rocks were formed under great pressure far down in the earth’s crust and later pushed up to the surface. Jotunheimen contains Norway’s highest mountains. The National Park has several large lakes, of which Gjende is the biggest. The mineral-rich glacial water that runs into the lake gives it an emerald-green colour in the late summer. Close by is the deep-blue Bessvatnet Lake. Between these two lakes, a marked path traverses the narrow Besseggen Ridge – one of the most famous attractions in the Norwegian mountain districts. It was here – or along the Knutshøe Ridge on the other side of Gjende – that Peer Gynt took his daring reindeer-back ride along ”Gjendin Ridge” en berre er nokre meter lågare [denne sentningen virker feilplassert på nettsiden?]. The wildest and sharpest peaks in Jotunheimen are to be found in the Hurrungane.

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Når det gjelder Sørlia-leilighetene, beskrives de ulike etasjene som ”Bakkeplan”, ”1. etasje” og ”2. etasje”. Vi har valgt å oversette dette med henholdsvis ”ground floor”, ”first floor” og ”second floor”, selv om vi normalt sett ville oversette ”1. etasje” med ”ground floor” osv. Derfor er enkelte etasjebegrep uthevet i gul i gjeldende avdeling. Er dette feil, så retter vi gjerne manuset (eller dere kan gjøre det selv).