Company outings

For companies, Jotunheimen Aktiv It can be used as a course centre for employees and their networks. The team-building effect that can be derived from one of Jotunheimen Aktiv It’s programmes is valuable both for leadership and staff. Theoretical lectures describe the importance of carrying out boundary-breaking work, of teamwork, taking responsibility and leadership etc through ideas, skill and not least daring. In cooperation with Jotunheimen Aktiv It firms can organise activities and tasks that will give this effect. Take your employees or business associates to Jotunheimen Aktiv It for a course, kick-off or teambuilding event combined with barrier-breaking activities to strengthen self-trust and collegiality. Jotunheimen Aktiv It can put together a tailor-made programme with a course and activity package in accordance with the customer’s goals and requirements. We have references from many different branches of business. Contact us for further information.

"Welcome to the mountains, to food and rest!"