Jotunheimen, with much-loved destinations such as Besseggen Ridge and Glittertinden. We could have mentioned many others, but these are the high points amongst our neighbours at Lemonsjøen. We fully understand that they are popular tourist destinations.

If you wish to zoom down the mountainside on skis, raft along a gushing river, canoe in rapids or on a quiet mountain lake. If you wish to stand on a mountain peak and see “the rest of the world”, or wind through a beautiful landscape on a bicycle. If you wish to set out on cross-country skis along a newly-prepared route or take a walk in the countryside and listen to the silence.

Or perhaps you would like to take your shotgun and enjoy the mountains and the excitement on a beautiful Autumn day, or stand by the river or pool and try your luck at fishing. Take the children and a pail and pick berries or mushrooms in the forest. The area has something to offer for everyone, large and small, for those who are fit and for those seeking the idyllic.

Jotunheimen Aktiv It is our provider of organised activities. They have long experience and are highly skilled. We can confidently recommend their many activities.