Besseggen ridge

There is at least one reason why the Besseggen Ridge is one of Norway’s most popular walks. The fantastic view over the wild Jotunheimen and the steep paths give a good feeling of accomplishment. The trip is not especially difficult and is not dangerous, but nevertheless gives a precarious feeling with the green waters of Lake Gjende 1300 feet below on one side and the deep-blue Bessvatnet Lake on the other.

The tour over the Besseggen Ridge leads between Gjendesheim and Memurubu. You may well begin with an overnight stay at Gjendesheim before taking the morning boat over Lake Gjende to Memurubu and start your walk from there. Most people take the boat and cross Besseggen this way. Doing this is an easier incline and it feels less precarious than going the other way with a view over half of Jotunheimen. The trip between Memurubu and Gjendesheim over Besseggen is 10½ miles, and the highest point is at 5717 feet above sea level. Allow about 8 hours for the whole trip.

The main season for crossing Besseggen is July, August and the first weekends in September. But you can often cross Besseggen early in the season or until well into the Autumn. If you have a weekend free you can take the boat right in to Gjendebu and take Bukkelegret on the first day and Besseggen on the second.