Galdhøpiggen (8098 feet) – to the top on the roof of Norway!

Norway’s highest mountain rises above the surrounding peaks and gives a fantastic view over Jotunheimen. Galdhøpiggen (8098 feet) is more than a mountain – it is also a symbol of the relationship between the Norwegian and the mountains – its very height is a familiar number in Norway! But despite being Norway’s highest mountain it is not inaccessible.


From Spiterstulen or Juvasshytta it is relatively straightforward for any normally-fit person to make their way up.

From Juvasshytta there is a guide over the Styggebreen glacier and up to the peak. Return the same way, or else head down to Spiterstulen. This is a family-friendly tour suited to children who are used to such things. Contact Juvasshytta for the guide up and down the Styggebreen Glacier. From Spiterstulen, follow the path westwards accross Svellnose (7452 feet/2272 metres) over Keilhaus peak and up to the top. Return the same way or else down to Juvasshytta.