Peak trip to Glittertinden (8043 feet) in Jotunheimen

Did you know that Glittertinden is (sometimes!) actually ten feet higher than Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen? If you include the snow and ice on the top, that is. We recommend that you take the trip – and enjoy the view!


From Glitterheim head north-westwards up to 7380 feet (2250 metres). Here, head west and cross the Glitterbreen glacier, which you follow to the top. Return the same way or down to Spiterstulen. A longer alternative is to follow the path westwards towards Spiterstulen, then heading north to Ryggjehøe (7019 feet), weak path. Then north-west to Glitterrundhøe (6852 feet), before heading up north-eastwards to Glittertinden. Follow the path from here back to Glitterheim. Reckon about 9 hours for this trip. Starting from Spiterstulen (serviced cabin, not DNT run) you can head north-east over Skautkampan, over Skauta and on along Steindalselve and the ridge eastwards to the top. Return the same way, or else down to Glitterheim.