The celebrated chef Arne Brimi says of his Vianvang: “Over a long period the idea of a place has developed, first in my inner vision and now as a reality in Vianvang. Based on the ideology of ‘Nature’s kitchen’, this is to be a place for presenting food, culture and history in close connection with the surrounding nature but with a perspective reaching out across boundaries, physical and mental. At Vianvang you can experience a good meal and learn a little by yourself and with others. http://www.lemonsjoen.no/Sommerski.aspx Summer skiing Welcome to top summer skiing on the Roof of Norway. The 2008 season begins on Saturday 10 May. Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Centre is situated 6068 feet above sea level at the foot of Northern Europe’s highest mountain. It offers a top-modern ski centre with all facilities and a spacious cafeteria seating 210. Modern ski equipment available for hire. Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Centre is situated about 45 minutes’ drive from the centre of Lom towards Sognefjellet.