To the peaks 6500 FT

For high-peak enthusiasts, Jotunheimen National Park has Norway’s highest mountains within a short distance of the Alpine centre. It’s simply a matter of choosing which peak to visit next. Spring skiing on 6500-foot mountain peaks is highly recommended!

Family-friendly peak expedition in Jotunheimen – Rasletinden (6609 feet) Rasletinden is one of the peaks you see from the Valdresflye road. But this peak on the south side of the Leirungsdalen Valley deserves more than just a glimpse from the road. The path to the top is not particularly difficult and it gives a wonderful view over the Leiriungsdalen mountains, an area often called the “Gjende Alps”.

Valdresflya Vandrerhjem-Rasletinden-Valdresflya Vandrerhjem

The tour begins at Valdresflya Vandrerhjem (Youth Hostel) and heads to the west, off paths, past Fisketjerni pool and over the Steindalen Valley to the foot of the mountain. From here, head up towards the north-east shoulder of Kalvehøgde, and onwards to the south west until the summit. The walk is suitable for children who are used to mountain walking. Approx 3 hours up and 2 hours down.

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